What Is Being Yourself?

What Is Being Yourself?

By not shutting down essential parts of yourself to please the wrong people.

People who are confident within themselves do not feel threatened by you, you are not responsible for the emotional states of others.

If you are operating in integrity and doing no harm, remove the concept of trimming yourself down as a soother for people with opinions.

Sometimes it is your energy, sometimes it is your mere existence... You can never trim yourself down enough for the wrong people.

You cannot win the un-winnable. ‪You will only be a threat to the wrong people for you. The right ones will love you.

You cannot control other people's filters. If you trim your gifts to the world and your IMPACT if you try to shut yourself down, or try to slow down if you are a driven person. MANY people can benefit from your inspiration and talents, whatever those may be.

Be you.