Envy, Insecurity, Bitterness, Jealousy Catches Up

Envy, Insecurity, Bitterness, Jealousy Catches Up

It's unfortunate when individuals resort to manipulative and malicious tactics out of envy and jealousy. Their attempts to dig up dirt or fabricate situations (to try to get a reaction and confirm the lies they told about you, which sounds time consuming but appears to be a drug for these broken souls to numb their misery) stem from their own insecurities and inability to focus on bettering their own lives. It's essential not to react to their provocations, as engaging only fuels their toxic behavior.

Instead, staying focused on personal growth and protecting one's boundaries is crucial (especially that their main tactic is using your own information against you).

You are not responsible for dimming your light to appease a hater as if you were the cause of their inner hatred? Dimming your light makes it seem like you're blaming yourself for their own inner hatred. They have to heal their inner child and manage their bitterness like grown adults.

It's not your job to appease anyone because that's basically shifting the blame from them to you as to how they're choosing to behave and incapable of the basics of not bothering people who do not bother them, maybe they should have made different life choices if they're envious of the way that you're able to do your thing.   

Karma has a way of balancing things out and destroying their devices (return to sender is a natural phenomenon), and their actions will eventually catch up to them. It's important to be discerning about who you share personal information with, especially in light of past experiences with identity theft. If someone is so entitled to be insulted that you rightfully protect your peace and guard your heart, they're not genuine.

Ultimately, prioritizing self-care and resilience is key in navigating such weird situations.


Haters are inescapable, never let them trick you out of your earned blessings.