I started using a jade roller during quarantine due to boredom and out of trying to find something to help with the inflammation in my face, likely due to less athletic activity than I am used to.

As an athletic person, this was very irritating. That said, since jade rolling drains the lymphatic system, which is something exercising also does, I thought it was a good idea to try it. I have since made it a part of my home spa routine, seeing as spas are currently closed which is nearly enough to make me lose my mind. Is this a replacement for full-on lymphatic drainage, a spa day, and the benefits of exercise? No, but it keeps you looking good and feeling good.

The top benefits of jade rolling:

- Lymphatic draining

- Cooling and anti-inflammation (I place mine in the refrigerator first and use an oil that is not too harsh on my skin when I jade roll)

- Improved blood circulation

- And most important of all, you are putting your need for me-time, self-care, relaxation and spending time connecting with your inner guidance first - even just for 10 minutes!

The jade roller I own and love is this one below. Welcome to your new home spa ritual. Enjoy!