Self-Love and Fitness™ 21 Day Resilient Mindset Journal (Printable)

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Self-Love and Fitness™ 21 Day Resilient Mindset Journal (Printable)

Product details:

This is a printable 21 day guided daily journal (based on building a resilient mindset) to enable you to carve out time to yourself and make yourself a priority.  

How it is structured:

Aside from the date and evaluating your sleep, there are prompts about worries, solutions, and a free-flow writing space to emotionally process anything that is weighing you down and slowing you down.

There is also one additional (new and unique) prompt per day to get you thinking about what matters to you and maintain your determination.

How many pages?

There are 21 total days of guided journaling prompts with an additional unique question each day (the total page count is 64 including the cover).

The backstory behind this product:

I have purchased many guided journals, and I could not find any that I found useful and sustainable.

This journal is designed to provide you with a sense of safety and groundedness if you suffer from anxiety as I do (as an add-on to your existing routine for mental health and resilience).

It can also be useful if you simply want to get into a habit of ensuring your life's work, purpose, and priorities are front and center in your life so that you do not get side-tracked by daily stressors and distractions.

The idea is to practice this ritual for 21 days with guided journaling and then do it on your own, or print it again to continue (if you wish).

This journal was created during one of my most memorable mental breakdowns where I completely lost sight of my "why" and such, I did not know what else to do except journal...

I am not a therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor and this is not a replacement for any clinical methods. This is not a cure for anxiety or mental health, but it is a tool I found useful and could not wait to share with others who may find it helpful as an add-on to their routines.

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