Yoga or Pilates Instructor (Certified in either or)

Yoga or Pilates Instructor (Certified in either or) for a remote-based one-time project to film workouts for an online workout plan (Canada-based).

Pay structure: pre-determined flat rate for 5 hours of self-filming the exercises from the below list, using a horizontal layout on an iPhone or any other camera that has good quality, in an aesthetic-looking well-lit indoor studio - the instructor will need to talk through each exercise and form + profit share for the actual sales from the online workout plan (you keep 60%, I keep 40%, you are not expected to do any marketing unless you so choose).

Instructor must already have access to a studio.

Contract structure: independent contractor, not an employee - the contract will be drafted upon selection and after an initial Zoom call to go over details.

Exercise level: Those getting back on track

Exercises as follows:

Swan dive


Bird dog

Dead bug

One-leg circle

Flutter kicks

Glute bridge pulses

Double-leg stretch

Donkey kicks

Pilates frog

Yoga Child pose

Yoga Warrior 1

Yoga Warrior 2

Yoga Downward Dog 

Division of responsibilities and statement of work:

The 5-hour flat fee will include a fee test filming shoots to finalize the location choice and outfit choices and the final filming itself which will include talking through each exercise, the exercises will be filmed individually in one whole clip, and I will do the final edits so each exercise only needs to be filmed and talked through once in total. I will also take care of the written instructions.

It would be part of the below collection:


This series is for people who only want the online workout plan, video instruction, and the convenience of training at their own pace (because the series does not include 1-on-1 coaching or guidance, previous experience with the fitness industry is needed from an exercise safety perspective).

The right mutual fit:

The instructor must be okay with working independently and using email as the primary method of contact for questions, must be confident on camera and confident with choosing the exercise variations that feel best for them (comfort is apparent on camera and it flows better when the instructor chooses the variation that works best for them). Must be okay with working alone primarily as this is only a segment of the business I manage and I may not be able to have as much face-time as I would like with everyone who helps with projects, so I am upfront about this (need someone who is confident to make decisions on their own within pre-existing principles).

Approximate project timeline:

Flexible for the project to start anytime in November 2022 to start and finish by December 1, 2022.

Questions:, no DM's (not checked).