We offer customized programs of various lengths to help instill healthier habits and overall wellness to private-sector employers and start-ups.

While our private coaching is focused on athletic goals, our company wellness program is suitable for all levels.


What sets us apart?

Our programs are realistic, relatable, and customized. We do not sell the same program twice or use templates. There is no doubt that health and wellness are the backbones of productivity and results at work!


How are the programs customized?

We will send you questions to survey your employee needs before building the program. Lead time is 4 + weeks due to customization.


What are the lengths of the customized challenge programs?

We can create a 21-day wellness habit transformation challenge, or we can create an 8-week habit transformation challenge, this is entirely up to you!

Not only is the challenge length your choice, the content is also your choice. 

Content can range from learning how to figure out macronutrient needs, how to choose a diet, all the way to implementing fitness habits that stick and implementing nutrition habit changes.


What format is the actual program?

The program is a digitally delivered e-book and customized knowledge hub.

We also offer discounted pricing for fitness equipment, if needed, for the duration of the program.  


Who we serve?

Private-sector employers such as corporations, accounting firms, staffing agencies, consulting firms, retail corporate headquarters, dental offices, real estate brokerages, law firms, and start-ups.



Book a 20-minute no-obligation discovery call prior to enrolling (during evenings - Eastern time). We serve clients virtually in Canada and in the US. 

Please fill out this form to request your discovery call to see if our program is the right fit for you and we will be in touch shortly.

To provide the best levels of client care, we only work with a few clients at a time.