The Self-Love and Fitness Nutrition + Fitness Coaching Program: A Mindset & Journaling Based Method

- Launching March 2021! We serve clients in Canada and in the US.

The coach responds to your journal on a daily basis! We have created a coaching package that take clients on a journey from their pain point to their ideal outcome. We work with busy high-performers who forget to prioritize their health and want to get back on track.

We combine:

1. mindset transformation (beliefs, emotions, behaviours, connection to self / self-love)

2. journaling

3. the science of nutrition and exercise

Designed for busy people and leaders looking to optimize their nutrition to achieve their goals.

Your goals may include:

• increased overall energy / confidence

• peak mental focus

• making fitness and health a priority

• gaining the knowledge and confidence to choose high quality and nutrient-dense foods 

• banishing negative self-talk / identifying and correcting limiting beliefs

• creating a more physiological relationship with food (eating for fuel + micronutrients)

• looking / feeling better

• weight loss or fat loss

• fat loss without losing muscle 

• gaining muscle mass

• training for an event

Our program:

Our Signature Private Coaching Program (6 months - renewable) will include the following ROI:

- private journaling (frequent and near-daily access to coach, the coach will respond to your journals through our secure platform, web and mobile accessible);

- tweaking limiting beliefs, personalized strategies, knowledge, and flexible macronutrient guidelines and meal structure throughout the program;

- wellness systems to automate healthy habits;

- customized workout plans, strength assessments to ensure hyper-customization (we do not just prescribe workouts that are the same for everyone - we do not believe in cookie-cutter nonsense);

- two private 45-minute calls with the coach per month over Zoom;

The practice is 100% virtual.

Virtual, but no less personable: Our journaling-based approach provides an appropriate level of intimacy, making the potency of the program as powerful as if it were in person. You will have way more frequent access to your coach than in traditional sessions. You will no longer have to wait between sessions to get your questions answered. 

People are as honest as can be in a journal-based setting, allowing the coach to redirect their thought patterns at a high speed towards patterns that serve their goals. 

While the online store is Canada-based only, the Nutrition Coaching program is worldwide.

*  Our programs are geared towards busy people who need efficient ways to optimize their nutrition and wellness. The mindset-based approach accelerates the process of implementing lasting strategies.


Interested participants are welcome to e-mail to book a 25 minute no-obligation discovery call.  Please find our interest form (here) to please fill-out (in confidence) ahead of the call to allow us to get to know your goals. The pre-sale list is also now open.

About the Certified Nutrition Coach and Certified Personal Trainer:

Hi! I am Karisa Karmali, the Founder of Self-Love and Fitness. It started as an online equipment store and later evolved into me obtaining my NASM Nutrition Coach Certification and my ISSA Personal Training Certification. 

Having worked in fitness / equipment retail before, promotional modelling within the industry, doing my own research for years before getting certified, and having spent years coaching and speaking at various programs, I wanted to combine all of it into one brand / program / lifestyle.

I also wanted to create my program because no "diet" will fix the thinking patterns and limiting beliefs that caused the problem in the first place. As well, a proper training program provides the client with knowledge for the long-term, gradually decreasing their dependance on the trainer post-program / over a span of time.

Why do I love coaching? Having lead teams of all ages and walks of life, motivating others and coaching has always been a part of my life. I have mentored youth groups since I was 16. I am also an expert on, providing me even more coaching methods and advice-giving abilities using pointed questions and prompting reflection.

Why a focus on mindset? Using my own anxiety reframe methods on the daily, I know powerful ways to cultivate resilience and to let attitude prevail over circumstances.

I am not selling nutrition and self-love as cures for mental health; however, the mindset methods that I use for myself make me more relatable when coaching.

Social support is also a huge factor in determining adherence to a nutrition or fitness program. Whether you choose the 1 on 1 private coaching or the group program, you will feel supported.

I will ask you thought-provoking questions while inspiring you to take the LEADING ROLE in your health goals.