One of our core values is giving back and building a legacy for the future for youth in need to build their dreams. It is not how you start out in life, it is how you finish. I started out in foster care and this is why I am making sure that I give back, not just money, but hope. Giving back is everything to me because I started out in foster care.

I am continuing to accomplish cool stuff and I want other foster kids to do so as well!

We are seeking additional online fundraising partners for future 2022 campaigns to donate a % of product sales to our charity of choice (a scholarship for youth in care: The Just One Person Scholarship) in exchange for brand promotion. If this aligns mutually with your company and values, please let us know via:

More specifically, we are looking for retailers of: bath and body, skin care, fitness, healthy lifestyle brands offering products for sale in an online store format where a code can be used to track sales for the fundraiser.

What you would get in return:

The promotion of your product through our website and all social media channels. Format: a 1-2 month online marketing campaign leading up to the fundraising campaign, the campaign itself, as well as a short post-fundraiser campaign online for additional promotion, buzz, and to share our gratitude. 


"The Just One Person Scholarship was created in October 2006 through the generous proceeds of the inaugural Just One Person community award event. 

The Ottawa Senators Foundation in partnership with the Max Keeping Foundation have kindly donated the money raised at this event to establish the Just One Person Scholarship, giving youth-in-care the opportunity to attend university so they too can one day make a difference."

For more information about the fund, click here

Thank you!

Team Self-Love and Fitness