Tired of working hard, but not seeing results?  

Our 'Fuel' Virtual Nutrition Consultation also includes some fitness strategy. We equip you with the strategies and information that you need, without placing restrictions on what you can and cannot do. 

These customized programs are for you if your goals include:

  • Fueling for performance and shredding body fat: maintaining or increasing muscle, while losing fat.
  • Getting back on track with consistent performance-based nutrition.


        Fuel - Virtual Nutrition Consultation:

        This program is for the active professional or leader who is looking to level up their nutrition game. 


        1. a 30 minute onboarding call.

        2. prior to the consultation, we review of 2-4 days worth of food journaling.

        3. a 1 hour virtual nutrition consultation (addressing the food journal, diet recommendations, and a side of exercise strategy based on your goals).

        4. a written custom nutrition strategy (principles i.e. calorie deficit or macros) as a take away.

        5. e-mail access to the coach for the month after the consultation if needed.

        Price: $380.50 CAD + taxes.


        Why choose customized fitness and nutrition?

        A custom program will deliver the specific results you want. We work with you to customize your program based on:

        • your goals / body composition / biology / genetics
        • your metabolism
        • how your body responds to certain workout styles
        • the equipment you have / prefer (in gym or at home)
        • the foods you like / your unique calorie needs
        • the unique lifestyle

        Generic plans would only give you generic results.


        Discovery call:

        Book a 20-minute no-obligation discovery call prior to enrolling (during evenings - Eastern time). We serve clients virtually in Canada and in the US.

        Please fill out this form to request your discovery call to see if our program is the right fit for you and we will be in touch shortly.

        To provide the best levels of client care, we only work with a few clients at a time.


        E-mail: info@selfloveandfitness.com


        What clients are saying...

        - "I approached Karisa to discuss options for a month's worth of workout plans. I'm a relatively active individual, but the impacts of the pandemic meant that I needed to adapt in how I meet my daily activity goals. Karisa took the time to learn about my fitness goals and developed an excellent program for me that incorporated almost all of my home equipment while ensuring I had a significant amount of variety in my daily workouts. In addition to this, she provided advice and guidance on nutrition and taught me a lot about managing the big picture rather than getting too caught up in the details. After two months on the program, I am starting to see muscle development in the areas I've been focusing on, and I feel equipped and motivated to keep it up and lose all that extra pandemic weight! Karisa is a high-energy person who will support you in achieving your goals, regardless of what they are - big or small. Her dedication to continuously improving the client experience was greatly appreciated." - Austin

         - "Karisa is very knowledgeable about nutrition. Although I considered my diet to be relatively healthy, she showed me how some simple changes could improve my energy levels and help me reach my wellness goals. Not only were her recommendations tailored to my specific needs and preferences, they were easy enough to follow that they would be sustainable in the long run. When interacting with Karisa, her genuine passion for nutrition and wellness definitely shines through!" - Sandy

        - "I was very impressed with Karisa's care and heart in helping come up with a sustainable plan that can actually #FitInMyLife. Thank you!" - Bobby Umar