Learning More About ADHD

Learning More About ADHD

ADHD and anxiety may have overlapping symptoms, but for me: one is often dominant, the other secondary and not everyone “shows” it the same way.

"Having ADHD doesn't mean that you are broken or flawed. It simply means that you have a unique wiring and a different way of thinking, which can be an incredible asset in the business world." - Richard Branson

Arguing for our limitations isn’t the same as respecting bandwidth, we push harder in the gym = yes of course, this mentality does not apply to mental load. 

The daily oxygen mask nap is now nonnegotiable whether or not the insomnia is high because of ADHD, if the insomnia is crazy and I have no bandwidth to function that well... then I save my in-person errands for another day. I may push myself in the gym, but I don’t push my mental limits. 

My main struggle is:

• distractions that can take hours to refocus from (time-blocks help with this)

• over-drive (exhaustion) 

• sleep / mornings (ADHD classic) 

And it's not light insomnia, this brain needs a daily nap to function and we can fall asleep mid-day on the spot / crash into things / feels like impaired driving honestly ... so if it's not handled - it can lead to physical burnout, this is why we don't give any credibility to hustle culture who thinks that pushing through health challenges is a wise move. We know when to do so, and we also know when to pull back.

In essence, ADHD insomnia is serious enough that we avoid driving / overexertion. The brain still works within reason though. We make up for it on hyper-focus days and take naps. I learned to manage my life around my health condition and anything worthwhile falls into alignment naturally. 

I can treadmill walk / bike with insomnia, but nothing requiring coordination like weights so my scheduled timeslots for workouts move around daily and being okay with that is very freeing. I hate un-necessary constraints anyway, I live like me now, not any other way. Cardio - actual heart rate consistency - not standing around - is what ADHD needs. So being on our feet has nothing to do with it, if you want to count it as exercise : bike or walking pad under desk.

Many other anxiety diagnoses (which I mistakenly thought was the primary for me until recently) have anxiety dominant symptoms at the forefront.

Hyper-focus can look like OCD, over-drive can look like OCD, foggy thinking can look like anxiety, but the sleep deprivation causing it is ADHD-driven.

Lack of having a clear focus being the kiss of death for me is ADHD, but when not handled, it can spiral into anxiety. They're interconnected, but one is dominant.

What helps me manage it (my specific exercise prescription that maintains a consistent heart rate for an unbroken period of time, specific diet, and medication routine) may not work for everyone...

When the boxes and barriers are removed, no one is a misfit, we are all unique and who designed such a boxed in / this way is the right way and everyone else who doesn't function this way is a delinquent type of mindset anyway? 🤔

Is being different the problem or is it the view that those differences are a threat rather than something to be embraced and honoured (respected because we are unique gems), like why would you expect a fish to climb a tree, and why should everyone's sleep/wake cycle be the same, why is there even a scale of superior/inferior?

So find out what works for your own unique health, it's a deeply personal and unique thing where we cannot copy and paste someone else's regimen, we can be inspired and uplifted by knowing no one has a mess-free life and that we're not weird for having this journey to begin with.

The part-time job of managing ADHD begins with a full day per week designated to “crashing” so no brain usage allowed and this happens no matter how much we love what we do/love our lives, the strict sleep-nutrition-exercise regimes, insomnia buffers, daily task checklists... and so on, it takes work. 

The fences around my gym time and its rigidity (as in this is the time I count on - require - for managing my mind) is working wonders for my sleep, BUT no insomnia + ADHD isn't predictable, it's mitigate-able.

Constraints + Vision + Focus The fortress that stops ADHD spirals.

Myth: Because I shut down my store's inbox and the other inboxes all weekend for two days straight without having my attention put back on work = I hate my business!

Reality: A shorter absence for fully focused fun/self-care will prevent longer absences... This means that passion does not mean we are not humans with needs for basic health. Humanity above all. Wellness, alignment, and oxygen masks.

I now plan my life around my health condition, rather than the other way around because my wellness is the baseline for the functioning of everything else, and I would not have it any other way. I don't pour the leftovers of my time into my health condition, it's the baseline.

Even if something seems great, there is such a thing as time constraints and schedule constraints, not everything fits and that's just logic so run everything through a vision / time / sleep schedule filter before randomly accepting commitments without any pre-screening.

Prioritizing your own well-being (our own definition of it and way of going about it) is going to be supported by the right people because we know that we cannot run on empty and that our own oxygen mask should be the first that we put on. A health condition takes a lot more work in that department and that's OK.

Overwhelmed vibes / mental traffic jams inside an ADHD mind is not stemming from a need for control, it's a momentary lack of focus and direction that feels paralyzing... We then try to break it down in small pieces and begin to feel okay again.

Being rigid with systems/controllable things is to enable freeing up bandwidth and creative energy for what isn't controllable, and planned variables can be moved around when there's a system much more easily. Putting "must" before "could" and "should" eases time stress.

When a mental health professional insinuated my ADHD was not exactly easy to detect at first glance, I began to understand how complex it can be.

You don’t “cure” conditions like this, you “manage” it and channel it and mitigate it, it’s like a part-time job sometimes, but when it is good, it is REALLY worth the struggle.

Hyper-focus is how I get anything done. I rely on hyper-focus to balance my dysfunction during other times, but sometimes, I can focus for 4 hours straight and it’s very fun and thrilling.

I think that the accomplishments of ADHD people make it hard for others to see what we struggle with and why, but it’s real.

We look for innovative hacks as systems / routines / singular focus is what saves us.

When to push through or when to fall back:

When going after lofty goals in the gym, push through, when learning about health limitations (and it's not a life or death situation or a major life event that you're about to miss) respect those, it's called sustainability.  

The goals can still be huge, but we tailor "how" we get there.

Never fall for: if you were a good X, you’d do Y... or if you don’t do X, then you don’t value Y.

No, absolutely not. This is unhinged thinking. I don't know how else to say it... 

Everything and any value is DEFINED uniquely by each individual and we all show our care differently.

I can care about X, while valuing my health more since I can’t outsource my health... since that's what precedes everything especially my craft...  and we all need different things for our health as well, so being in a wellness-focused space is a welcome change!

Health limits are not a burden or actual limitation to potential, they FORCE efficiency and focus, and focus amplifies our power.

I was on high levels of serotonin when the medication trial problems happened, my deficiency is norepinephrine because ADHD burns out the adrenals... Before the classic weekly ADHD crashes, we’re running purely on adrenaline / noradrenaline. We need it restored. Logic at last. 

Scattered energy burns my brain cells, there's a reason it stings someone with my wiring more than most so I stay away from games of whack-a-mole and I go for clear structure. I do my thing, hoping to inspire others to be true their nature too.

Own it, rock it.

Authenticity attracts real and repels fake.

We want the fortress of our health to keep what is meant for us and repel what is not.

Fitting our lives around our wiring, rather than chopping ourselves up to suit those who view our medical condition as a dainty spoiled brat type preference / as a cop out / easy way out (try living with this first and then make your assumptions) / the personality police, feels way better.

We're levelling the playing field and invisible struggles are no less valid and flaws do not make us unworthy of dignity. The right people "get it", the rest are not worthy of explanations because we're not here to manage their filters, worldview, or limited thinking.

I don’t know that good and innovative business decisions are made without sleep, the right people will never expect you to sacrifice any component of your personal health, and innovation matters more than long hours. Reflection / direction matters more than directionless speed.

Quality over quantity in general when managing health conditions. Carving out time for waves of busy prevents backlogs and when you don’t try to be “all things” : you experience energetic alignment / joy which is the place where inspired ideas live.

I just don't understand why I would endanger my core responsibilities by even allowing myself to get close to my breaking / burnout point ever again.

It's not kind, but irresponsible towards your main commitments to take on more than your bandwidth or schedule can handle and it can eventually incapacitate you. Literally, minding your own business is respecting your priorities - this is not mean or harmful, it's logical.

The right people appreciate the limits of your availability, if not, they're probably people whom you can live without.

How is functioning even possible without some pre-set guaranteed uninterrupted time without notifications to yourself both for segments of your work and life? It’s not when you have ADHD.

You will be drifting around in life with no real vision if you allow other people to run up in your life, run your calendar, your values, and run you over with their expectations, you had a unique purpose before they had an opinion (especially if it's causing you time debt).

I embrace hard work via intensity and keeping my knowledge on point - but *only* during designated hours, even from my business: my phone / mind is off from anything that resembles work when I am at the gym/swimming : as we are all worthy of “unavailable”/"no notifications” time to recharge to come back refreshed, I define success as health and a measure of time freedom.

I have clear business hours now and that's putting my health before anything else as nothing functions without it.

Consciously working on recharging and refreshing my mind in peace is highly important work that deserves to be uninterrupted the same way that my focus blocks deserve to be un-interrupted so that I can get to the next segment of my life on time.

Being present for focused projects/tasks without notifications may have you “miss out” on other things, but who cares if that’s what keeps you sane and present as constantly diluting focus is not how I want to live. What is truly meant for you can’t be missed out on though.

When we live our lives our way in compliance with our mind's wiring and how hard interruptions are to refocus from, we do not let the fear of inadequacy to push us around. The best thing is to live in compliance with how your brain is wired, rather than perceptions. 

It's OK that one thing is more important than another thing during any segment of your life.

A true break is = brain being in rest mode. ✅

Nothing that shifts your attention back on any of your work should be allowed during that sacred ritual, which will 10x your joy overall. We're human first, not walking computers or robots.

You can always do “more” or “expand” but a zone of focus and a zone of genius feels higher quality (the right people don’t make the priorities of others mean anything about them as the less emotionally mature people of this world would play the victim to a healthy boundary as they don't view people as free-willed individuals, the understanding is innate).

Put on your own oxygen mask first is probably the biggest thing I learned and focus not being a limit but expansive because we can simplify to amplify. This forces me to be extremely efficient and cut out all the fluff. Do not answer text messages right away unless you're in an emergency room... Do so when you have the mental capacity, for instance.

Not putting on your oxygen mask is just irresponsible for your existing commitments, basic health, and will earn you burnout. Knowing what you uniquely need is self-management.

No one can care for your health on your behalf, exercise, or sleep for you (the basic things that fill your cup that no one else can do for you and that talk therapy doesn't replace). I think anyone who doesn’t “get” this concept likely is missing a lot of life experience and probably doesn't have your best interests in mind anyway.

Once you’ve filled your self-care cup (because no one can exercise, eat well, sleep well on your behalf), then you decide how/when you want to give back/in which direction... and so on. The musts need to happen, the coulds and shoulds don't even need to be on your radar.

In order to not run on empty, regardless of ROI, you need to have the time in your budget to begin with. We often convince ourselves to over-function in the name of ROI, but I no longer endanger my health even if an idea sounds lovely, no need to be everywhere (unrealistic). There are trade offs, but it won't affect anything genuine that is real to begin with.

Something being on my “radar” automatically takes energy regardless of total time expenditure (it’s the added tab/having to re-focus/it automatically occupies mental space) so I control my my radar with constraints by ignoring all that isn’t required. Focus isn’t innate for me.

I have always had various health routines, but it was never with a specific purpose. Now my exercise routines have so much more precision as does my overall health routine because I know that I’m addressing ADHD specifically.

The mental reset space (especially with health conditions) in your schedule that you are the one in charge of should be for things that replenish you... Forget the potential advancement or speculative ROI or who someone may know... You have no business without HEALTH first.

There is no way that designating hours that are guaranteed as personal time away from all things business is leaving money on the table when this is exactly where creativity comes from, knowing that there is no interruption to your personal time and that it is guaranteed.

You'll never be the:






... Version of you if you strive to be normal, I am far from normal and the revived ADHD (it being the primary) diagnosis has me ALL sorts of happy like never before because I live by design now. Not default.

Your health limits should be celebrated. 

Putting wellness first is putting business first as that is how strategic decisions with full mental presence are made. There is massive integrity in putting health first as it shows valuing intensity - the quantity of hours isn’t superior to true intensity.

Oxygen masks are about basic survival.

The conditions to your mental health are not to be played with.

How else are you supposed to uphold it, expecting it to take care of itself is ridiculous.The conditions to your mental health are not to be played with.

We honour our existing responsibilities by guarding our parameters and current commitments, nothing genuinely worth it / good long-term comes from endangering integrity to current projects/ commitments for speculative ROI or fleeting filters or perceptions. Focused lanes.

Health limits aren’t meant to be pushed against or through like gym goals, respecting limits / lines is about focus. Knowing our limits exist for a reason and being realistic with capacity is the only way that focused effort / health can thrive and sustainably so. Outsource what you can, scattering energy to be “good” at everything makes you good at nothing long-term.

True / fast growth is focused growth, whereas taking on more than we can handle is a form of self-harm and it is no longer tolerated in my vision. I love this for me.

Knowing we are enough and only we need to understand our constraints makes us the main character.

I use set hours to check business emails as a strategy to guarantee my personal time off remains untouched. This can be seen as hating my business or this can be seen as loving it enough to want full mental presence when “on”, I don’t care either way.

I get nothing significant accomplished (unless it’s repetitive operations/justifiable) if I focus on too many things at once, I rather isolate my focus on 1-2 massive projects than 5 mini ones with speculative ROI, ADHD = no scattered focus.

Being intentional about business means I don’t need to be “on” 24/7. I can love something, while also having clear human limits.

Passion does not forgo basic rest. I’m shocked at how we’re sold this idea that self-sacrifice is the key to anything worthwhile, no. The more you love something, the MORE your health comes first. Non-reciprocal deals lead people to early graves: no real reward comes from it.

Health limits just means that your best within your capacity will not limit your growth when it’s focused. So focused growth is high growth for ADHD.

Mental paralysis can be explained by the brain circuits breaking temporarily... It is jarring. Think of a broken bone, this is what happens if I have too many directions / overhead and preventing it creates massive momentum, focusing is a gift / opportunity when honed in.

You cannot be “on” or in learning mode 24/7. Brains require breaks and genuine souls will not look down on boundaries between business and personal time, always remember that. Honour your right to mentally disconnect and enforce it, even from your own business. Recharge. 🔋

Accepting my limitations with ADHD has rendered my focus so much higher, which means that I’m leveraging my limitations and channelling them in one or two directions, which will in the end only expedite my growth. There is nothing more powerful than leveraged focus.

We are not “not good enough” for anyone who doesn’t “get” that capacity is to be respected and not pushed (brains aren’t like sports in the gym), we are simply not a “match” and that cannot be helped, move along... I mean, alignment feels too good to dwell on mis-alignment. Being part of your journey is something not everyone has earned the right to, use your spiritual discernment as you grow.

I love how much ADHD is getting awareness lately. We can be proud of functioning differently and honouring our oxygen masks and minimal health requirements. 

I don’t care what I miss out on while I prioritize health because my energetically aligned vibration will organically (in the right timing) deliver all I need above the “being all things or being everywhere” futile/ unsustainable / unrealistic mentality.

Resting *is* working, we require recharging mental batteries in order to function at the most basic level in all areas of life, making sure each lane of life stays within its parameters is self-care. It’s not even logical to pretend like it’s normal to not need rest.

Resting can also mean spending more time organizing and cleaning as many people with health conditions are susceptible to their environment's level of order.

Let's outsource what we can and truly listen to our body's cues, coming from someone who used to drink excessive energy drinks to workout when I just needed sleep... This is a huge transformation and I often feel shaken by how much of my old belief system I needed to shed.

I learned that "going with my flow" is not a crutch, it's self-compassion and my worth is innate, it has nothing to do with how much I get done or how much I give of myself (it should never be to the detriment of my core needs or it should never endanger my health in the process).

👏 Health is not auto-replenishing, it's an action verb that takes carved out time.

Anyone who makes you feel weak for respecting your own limits... well, their beliefs aren't your problem.


There's something wrong with the idea that it's even acceptable to have recharge time being cut into / endangered / or mortgaged for speculative ROI. 

Learning to respect it when I need more rest and more crash time. It's not a gym goal, it's a health issue and I go with my flow. Handling ALL these lanes with a disability which ADHD is considered and mine is severe is already good enough so giving myself grace not harshness.

Internal processors manage their mental health internally with bouts of quiet, uninterrupted time without notifications, and that's what the gym does for me, as soon as we accept what our definition of mental health is, we reach alignment. Obviously, a select few trustworthy well-vetted souls help; however, my core processing method is internal.

If I rest and nap daily, even at the cost of more funner things... I do not spiral into burnout and I am happy to have found my recipe on that front. 🙏

I do not see it as a limit negatively, it's a parameter and data around what works for me to function correctly.

Let's thrive as who we are. Not who we're not. 

Oxygen mask first:

Part of building a life I don't need to escape from is owning my ADHD as a part of me and realizing that my life is only my own if I put my own oxygen mask on first, all else is going to break if my health is broken and this lesson is huge. It is going to stick with me.

Whatever you utilize as an oxygen mask for your disability should be inflexible / rigid because that's your health we're talking about. Nothing should get in the way.

There is nothing to be flexible about when it comes to health.

Disabilities can escalate, so guard your health as your life depends on it.

You don't owe your craft or business your health, absolutely not what you signed up for!

True genuine respect is respecting the space we have outside business hours to recharge and simply not getting in the way. 

Self-compassion with a disability is refusing to mortgage your health in the name of any perceived ROI because the truth is, there is no ROI without foundational basic health. I am finally on the other side of the fool I once was.

🔋Recharging our minds and bodies is not a luxury, we're barely surviving most days with lost sleep aka ADHD's side-kick. My extreme strictness around health rituals is to thank for burnout not coming anywhere near me ever again (it's the small things that compound).

Being in full control of your mind, body, soul, time isn't controlling others : you're managing yourself (quite literally minding your business) and the right ones will respect the lines you're guarding and will not twist the narrative.

You cannot know everyone or do everything, it is part of life, it doesn't make you uncaring, it makes you a person that is respectful of their wellness and limits, why would your personal time off ever not be guaranteed unless you're a police officer or firefighter and why would your health *ever* be a logical and acceptable sacrifice? Nope. Not for me. Never. I have zero margin of error with health.

The thing with susceptibility to burnout in addition to a disability is that we don't have a margin of error for health, so we are not going to sit here and care about who thinks it's difficult or inflexible, we are going to own our oxygen masks, our survival is not negotiable.

Bottom line lessons I learned the hard way:

Why should anyone live without having control over the feasibility of making set plans on personal time, kids, health, pets... People are human and how we respect that is getting out of the way of their wellness, being organized, planning, so I plan my start up correctly.

Being secure about your personal time being fully guaranteed / not stressed about whether or not you can manage your personal obligations / health is "quality of life" which is upheld even in my start-up, there is no bleeding into my time, that would be intolerable.

You can manage change within your designated hours. Otherwise you will bleed eventually, health will not manage itself. Just sharing my lessons so others aren't as foolish as I was!

I will not have my focus put back on my business during my carved out time to manage my disability:




Time to disconnect and recharge is the bare minimum. I finally have understood this.


  • Quality of life boundaries
  • Oxygen mask preservation
  • Basic health routines


NON-NEGOTIABLE as this can break our health very quickly if these things are played with, we do not have an error margin.

These basics never be obstructed to begin with. The rigidity of a basic survival need when living with a disability isn't an issue, the barriers are. These are simply lessons I learned.

You set your standards and take charge of your health.

In balanced and healthy situations, having needs that are not negotiable because why would your PPE / oxygen mask be needed less one day from the next - why should you ever be forced to choose anything over your health - like ever - no no no, you will be respected with ease (not met vehemence or sighs of inconvenience) and barriers will be removed.

Managing a disability is actually all about the details.

Disabilities just mean we function differently and since embracing that and low-key forcing daily naps, a weekly crash day where I sometimes feel like a teen being grounded hehe, screening business ventures with a microscope, adapting many other aspects of my life: amazing!

✨The thing with susceptibility to burnout in addition to a disability is that we don't have a margin of error for health, so we are not going to sit here and care about who thinks it's difficult or inflexible, we are going to own our oxygen masks, our survival is not negotiable.✨

Whether or not someone has a health issue, their business hours are not to bleed into their personal time, it's unacceptable even for startups. I don't tolerate it with my own business. 

No longer allowing anything to compete with the basic foundations of my health regime has been paying off and I plan to keep it that way. If I can't do my own groceries at a certain frequency, or something cuts into my gym time for my ADHD, those would be red flags.

When would you cook, clean, sleep, recover, exercise, live? Makes no sense, normalize schedule SPACE and avoiding overstimulation. 

With fences / bouncers / protection around the amount of health rituals I need : so the proper conditions : my disability turns into a super power.

Under no circumstances is health appropriate to compromise or endanger. It's never too late to learn important life lessons, make your lines very clear and ensure that there are guard-rails in place within you and outside of you (schedule wise).

In other words... 

Do NOT be flexible with your oxygen mask, YOU deserve HAPPINESS and basic survival! WHY would you ever make basic health optional? NO. And for me, never again.

These are simply lessons I have learned in various times in my life, and not a reflection of anything in particular. I'm simply trying to empower other people who have not found their voice yet.

Although managing a disability is time-consuming and it's far more than meds, fitness routines, nutrition, sleep buffers... I have cultivated a sense of belonging within myself and came home to myself when I realized that embracing my uniqueness was the only way to live. 

I am also loving the fact that simplifying my business further and refusing to follow the traditional notion that the size of a team has anything to do with its potency has worked wonders. I am loving automations and I am fully reclaiming my time freedom / honouring my ADHD.

The purpose of overexertion for ADHD amounts to mental paralysis pretty much... and doesn't give us or anyone any ROI, so focus is better than hitting a massive wall of shut-down-ness... and direction matters more than speed in a world that overvalues quantity. Period. 

We do not love to spend a full day per week crashing consecutively (sleep catch up) due to insomnia - but this is part of our one extreme to the next brain wiring - and it has to be carved out and honoured for longevity, this has been my main burnout prevention measure.

👏 If I'm losing a full day per week to recovering from my disability (always has been like this, but did not understand until now), then I certainly will not be running a traditional business that has all of the same components, I'm going to find automations and make it work. 👏

Truly, when honed in and empowered, ANY disability can be a superpower (not downplaying the difficulty though). 💙

If there were no boxes, we would not be the minority.

As a freshly outta the closet ADHD-er (person with an invisible disability): I want us all to feel proud of who we are, not guilty / bad for who we are not.

Am I tired of always having to exercise daily, nap a lot, watch everything that I eat, track protein, not forget to take my medication / manage my entire life around my ADHD? Yes. But my other option is burnout or worse, total incapacitation. It's about survival sometimes.

Needs for quiet time tend to increase the more overstimulated we are, there's nothing wrong going on when we need that extra space and it's just how we self-regulate our nerves.

✅ Health conditions and "comfort zones" or inability to try "new" things are often confused, it's not the same thing. We are very attuned to what works for us already and get to decide for ourselves...  Self-protection / healthy caution is often confused with paranoia, also not the same when it is rooted in knowing what is right for you.

Having a problem with or taking basic boundaries the wrong way is really not your issue, it's theirs!

Not dispassionate about my business, but very aware that consecutive time to disconnect is not a luxury, it's basic oxygen: I do not want to be bothered on my time off because I require rest and I would not take on any deal that needed this illustrated with crayons.

What I am saying is that expansion is not about increasing activity always, we can increase focus and define "expansion" for ourselves, this version of me has no interest in FOMO. Only JOMO.

Sustainability is my theme and overhead doesn't interest me in the slightest as many methods to get to an end goal exist. 👏

The triggers for your medical conditions becoming your boundaries is not weakness, it is self-awareness and self-management. 

Again, the triggers for your medical condition / disability are not a weakness and they do not make you less capable than neurotypical people, your triggers are your rightful boundaries and the exact unique differences you should embrace. When your limits are respected, you add momentum to your strengths and that becomes massive power and velocity. 

Other people cannot sleep or eat or exercise on your behalf, so you do need time away to take care of yourself, and there's nothing wrong with that. If they see your schedule constraints as not "valuing" XYZ or not being "caring" - there's multiple ways to feel care or to show up for things you have time for and you're not about to take anything on to prove them wrong as they're using the tactic of trying to tarnish your self-image to create a sense of obligation and compliance for you to appease them. Their reaction = that's really a them problem. If you're not rude back to a pushy person, you've shown more consideration than you owe, do not live life to control their opinion of you as that is fleeting and based on their own filters and life experiences. If they try to push your boundaries, they don't have your best interests in mind, and that's very clear.

I would rather do a few things correctly than 100 things poorly and get nowhere fast because when you do everything, you actually end up doing nothing and it's actually about mental bandwidth and not how long certain things take.

For brains to work properly to fulfill overall life obligations, disability or not, rest is required and it should be guaranteed and not cut into more so if people have dependents, so why is it that rest still is viewed as a luxury? Overload is a compounding effect.

We do not push our mental limits, we respect our health and our core operations, we trim down on what we personally find draining and we do not cut into our allocated health-time budget. Running operations is enough on its own.

What I learned with ADHD is we OVER-do everything, it's the lack of built-in brakes / the meds aka wheelchair helps : it doesn't fix it fully, the fix is to focus on quality of impact not quantity since we have no other way of operating, this stops mental overload at the onset.

Even massive operations with client service call centres have operational capacity limits, period, so begin with the end in mind: how much do you want to scale if at all and what can AI take care of?  ✅ Often, it's not about ROI for the sake of it, it's about whether or not you even have the time to begin with... and if you don't have the time, then it becomes even more necessary that there is an ROI in business. The busier you are, the more quiet you need / the sanctity of self-care rituals need to get even stronger when busier. People who genuinely care about you understand the importance of your boundaries. They respect your limits and recognize that boundaries contribute to a healthy and respectful connection.