Framework for Workplaces (Interim Accommodations)

This isn't fully off-brand for my fitness / self-love brand because as the Founder of this brand, I have ADHD so... why not share this based on the stories I read from other people's experiences.

Please bookmark this link or save it somewhere as it's not on the main menu of the website (while this isn't primarily a mental health brand, this is a cause I am pursuing in any way that I can).


After too many heartbreaking stories I read from fellow disabled persons, I created a general framework for workplaces:

Baseline accommodations at the onset serve as a guaranteed (universal) interim solution to waiting for further medical documentation in workplaces which the details can be later customized: this is better than no interim solutions which cause many people's health to deteriorate quickly. Requestors should just need an interim medical note to obtain interim solutions and fast. The medical system is overloaded with COVID-19 backlogs, please consider interim solutions if you’re an employer.

Baseline interim accommodations for this non-exhaustive list:

• Intellectual disability

• Mental health

• Learning disabilities

• Hearing impairment

• Physical disability/mobility/vision

• Developmental disability

• Autistic Spectrum Disorders

• Include short and long-term illnesses

• Include domestic violence issues


• Modified work schedules

• Telework when possible

• Different break schedule for appointments

As some of the many options that can later be customized with further medical proof/ info. Let's collectively advocate for the removal of barriers which endanger the ability of persons who function differently to be in the workforce.

Eliminate barriers and ableism.

Embrace differences.

Disclaimer and note:

* I am not a consultant or expert, this is not my profession, this is not legal advice, but I have taken the time to read people's stories and I will not stand for this, this is a cause I care about aside from foster kids... and I need everyone to keep making waves.

If you're a disability / accommodations consultant or have resources (links) for employers or the disabled people of the world that you want me to add this post that are in alignment, info at selfloveandfitness dot com, please do not DM me on any social media profiles as I don't check those. 💙