My favorite digestion, energy, and inflammation hacks:

Kombucha: I drink about half of a bottle per day to keep my energy high while keeping my cortisol under control. This will have a different effect on everyone; however, an added benefit for me is that my digestion is so much better. The main ingredient in Kombucha is a fermented tea, hence its amazing effects on digestion and gut health.

Green tea / white tea: Tea is amazing in the afternoon to avoid too much caffeine keeping me up at night. 

Lemon/lime infused water: This helps my digestion as well. Many people drink it in the morning, but I drink it at night.

Ginger shots: This looks and tastes pretty gross, but the benefits are amazing! I buy mine at Whole Foods in the fresh / pre-made foods section. I used to take this when I worked ridiculous hours and in addition to a good diet, supplements, and regular exercise, this can be an added boost.

Juices: Juices are a natural way to boost energy and mental clarity and focus. The emotional benefits are that it is mentally uplifting, energy-generating, and the sleep benefits are insanely amazing. Speaking of juices, I will be doing a giveaway thanks to RAW Pulp + Grind! I am so thankful that they sponsored a full-day juice cleanse pack inclusive of 5 juices and 1 nut mylk. Details about the giveaway and how to enter will be coming soon on my social media accounts.

When I feel like a cold is starting, I up my ginger and lemon intake and I buy a few juices.

Note that a juice cleanse does not mean you are eating only juice that day, you can do the cleanses as you wish, I personally simply add the juices to my existing meals that day, but do your thing however you wish.

Here are the benefits of juice cleansing and I could not have said it better than the RAW Pulp + Grind website:

Detoxification and rejuvenation of the body
Increased energy
Natural weight loss
Mental clarity
Improved sleep
Emotionally uplifting
Boosts immune system
Helps discover any food sensitivities
Reboots taste buds/eliminates junk food cravings
Helps to promote clearer skin
Heals inflammation

None of these ideas replace a proper diet, sleep, and exercise, but I am all for enhancing health and inspiring you to do the same!

Visit the RAW Pulp + Grind website for more inspiration!

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