We offer highly personalized programs of various lengths to help instill healthier habits and overall wellness to private-sector employers and start-ups.

Every program is tailor-made and based on long-term lifestyle changes and we weave in resilience and mindset.

Workshops are the usual format offered as a solution to corporate wellness; however, stand-alone workshops do not offer solutions to lasting problems, a customized program does. Workshops may be inspiring, but practical programs are built on habits that lead to results for long-term lifestyle improvements.

If people want inspiration, they can read a book, if they want results, our programs are a better fit.

What sets us apart?

Our programs are realistic, relatable, and refreshing. We don't sell one-time-only workshops that offer no takeaways for your employees, we sell a full program that will impact the lives of your employees forever.

How are the programs customized?

We will send you questions to survey your employee needs before building the program.

What are the lengths of the programs?

We can create a 21-day wellness challenge, or we can create an 8-week challenge, this is entirely up to you!

Do you have a platform for the employees to log into?

We can customize a platform for your employees too! It is a desktop-based members-only website that they will be given access to for the duration of the challenge or program. The platform is at an additional cost than the program itself. Due to the unique URL and customization, the lead time is a few weeks.

What format is the actual program?

It is a workbook and it is designed to trigger introspection and mindset transformation.

Who we serve?

Private-sector employers such as accounting firms, consulting firms, retail corporate headquarters, recruitment firms, real estate brokerages, law firms, and start-ups.

Please contact:

INFO@SELFLOVEANDFITNESS.COM to request a proposal, more information, pricing, minimum order quantity, or to book a discovery call.