This service includes:

 - Nutrition strategy recommendations based on muscle building, fat loss, your athletic performance goals, and overall health;

- Personalized supplement recommendations;

- Personalized strategies to keep you on track with your goals, while still including the foods you enjoy into your diet;

- Review of food journals (instructions on how to submit them can be found here);

- E-mail access to the coach for 30 days to ensure that there is support while implementing new strategies.

Recommendations take 2-5 business days to generate, as we have an actual human create the strategy, and we tailor it to your needs!

This service does not include:

*A 1-on-1 call with the coach is not covered by this service.  The recommendations are based on the intake questionnaire we will send you. This is for people only looking for personalized strategy, not ongoing coaching.

If you need a program that includes a live goal-setting call or ongoing coaching over the phone or Zoom, please see our private coaching program page

*We provide strategy, guidelines, and meal ideas. We may provide a calorie range and macronutrient ranges if you would like us to; however, this is not a meal plan service.

How it works?

Once you sign up for this service, we will send you our thorough questionnaire to ensure we have all of the information we need to customize your strategy.

If a call with the coach is needed at any point throughout the program, it would be an add-on for $125.




*This service is not suitable for people with no exercise experience, chronic illnesses that require special diets, people kidney issues, or people looking for extreme weight loss. This is a level-up solution only.