Welcome to the Brand Rep Program by Self-Love and Fitness

What are the requirements?

Must be based in Canada (as we currently only ship to Canadian addresses).

You do not need to be a personal trainer; however, you need to be passionate about fitness and already obsessed! To keep this authentic and real, we need highly-driven people who already lift weights a few times per week.

It's not about looking a certain way, we welcome all shapes and sizes, but we need a passion for lifting!

No sales, just re-posting social media content.


• We will ship CoreFx resistance bands to you as a complimentary perk (these can isolate muscles during squats and deadlifts).

• You will also get exclusive access to performance-based nutrition tips (guides we only share with clients usually), and a full knowledge library to apply to your own life.

• We will have team meetings every few months over Zoom to address any questions, for you to gain insight into building a start-up, and get trained on aspects you're interested in for your own development. We value time and energy, so we will make sure that this is a fair and mutually uplifting program.

Everything we spend time on is at the expense of something else, so this will be no more than 5-10 hours per month, including any team meeting (only if necessary). If meetings are necessary, they will be planned 4-8 weeks in advance.

You decide your schedule and you get a predictable and structured workload. All documents are managed on Google Drive and team communication is mainly over e-mail (so that you can get to it whenever you can). This is a very low-key role that is not going to cut into your time personal time or other responsibilities. 

The role:

• Re-post existing video or static image content on Instagram and TikTok twice a month. We would also prefer LinkedIn, but that platform is not mandatory.

All posts must have link-backs (in the caption) to our retail store website and have our logo on it. If you can re-post your content to LinkedIn, even better! 

• Re-post fundraiser-related pre-made content once/twice a month for the Just One Person Scholarship. You'd be given the exact graphic to re-post.

•  Re-share pre-made posts about our upcoming giveaways!

If you choose to post workout videos of you lifting while using the bands, awesome, but not mandatory.

• Applications accepted via e-mail at:

Please include a short biography of yourself and social media links. No minimum amount of followers required, as we look at engagement and conversion potential and your existing fitness knowledge and level of obsession. 🥇

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.


In essence, we want people who have the confidence to interpret the brand and guidelines for themselves and put their own spin on it, so work ethic and autonomy are important traits. We will provide brand guidelines and standard operating procedures; however, this is remote work and autonomous for the most part with some level of creativity (if you want).

You will have access to pre-made marketing messaging and hashtags, your role is to enjoy the workout and product, and use existing wording - with your own spin on it and personality.

When promoting the product, we prefer to see them in-use in a lifestyle sense by the influencer / brand rep.