Worry About Yourselves

Worry About Yourselves

I have a message for those who try to manage others' time and money management and project their own issues to hinder dreams: it's fine if they can't balance a full-time job, a side hustle, and a disability, but I can.

Being rigid about your health, your fitness, your sleep, and your nutrition gets you made fun of, that's literally the wrong people for you and they're telling on themselves so they've just saved you so much time. No genuine person would get in the way. Who takes your health regime as a personal insult to them? It doesn't make any sense! Major boundary issue!

I have had so many health-food and expensive-gym haters in my lifetime (because they act like my own self-love and disability-management is offensive towards them, it's interesting to take someone else's dedication as a personal attack)... And frankly, they're not for me, but here's some advice for them since unsolicited opinions go both ways. 

I deserve to earn enough to support my fundraiser and live my best life.

I hope they learn to mind their own business.

If they enjoy bringing others down, they need more hobbies.

Monthly gym membership: $99. People often spend more on takeout, alcohol, and unnecessary items.

Life rule: mind your own business. Intrusion is not the same as curiosity.

Don't understand disabilities? Respectfully, we don't have the energy to educate you. If it's not obvious to you, we're not interested.

To those who interfere with my life: if you don't understand the importance of my quiet time or fitness routine, stay out of it.

Your approval is not needed for you to mind your business.

Gym/health are needs for me, but you won't see me with flashy designer bags and overpriced clothes (except a few high quality pieces). I am not worried about what people without a health condition that dominates their whole life spend their money on, so don't worry about mine.

No one who respects your wellness will be bothered about your related-expenditures, truly. Are they your accountant? That’s a lack of boundaries, not genuine care. They could have some odd budget categories that you don’t pry into. Nosey people have agendas.

It's rude to intrude into my life uninvited and an online platform isn't an automatic invitation for this. You know me via what I share online, but no one could pay me enough to deal with that IRL, nor is it the intent of having a platform.

Telling people to mind their own business is perfectly acceptable response when they cross the line of common courtesy regarding my personal health (especially if their intrusion isn't with a curious tone).

Speaking up is not revenge; it's self-defense and self-preservation.

There’s a difference between those who encourage you to prioritize your health and those who nosily question your health management without credentials.

Working out is my fun and also my way of managing my disability. I don't seek opinions from outsiders I haven’t invited into my life. 

People shouldn't have to tolerate negativity and intrusion. Asserting that my business is my own and wanting certain people out of it is neither mean nor harsh.

My gym and home time are personal and essential for my health, and I don't tolerate interference from those outside my household.

It's typically those who:

• Contribute nothing of significance to your life
• Focus solely on hindering others or taking from them due to a lack of drive to create or earn their own
• Remain nameless (with no real area of expertise) while criticizing your achievements  

They do this to hide their own self-hatred and feelings of inadequacy. Ignore them.

I spend money to save time, but I'm not here counting the money of other people so who invited randoms to do that for me?

The people who throw shade on the name of others think that those same people must seek their approval and be the "hater-whisperer" or the appeaser of those who find fault over the self-betterment journeys of others which is ridiculous.

I do not dim down my health time for anyone outside my household. I am not sure why I would even think of wanting approval from people like that, it doesn't make any sense.