Why It Happened

Why It Happened

In essence...

When did ADHD turn into anxiety and spiral?

When I was unable to adhere to a weightlifting schedule.

Factors including the mismanagement of my own workaholic tendencies, thinking that success was measured by hours put in rather than using a focused scope, thinking overworking kept me safe, all led to it. I didn't realize how bad it was until it hit me like a ton of bricks, I was self-destructive to a certain extent.

Without pouring into your own health, disability or not, you're risking the inability to work at all.

The issue is not the components of a health ritual, but its existence, so when your health ritual is cut off because you don't have the time for it anymore, that's an issue whether or not you have a disability. What it is comprised of is less important, it varies individually.

We should measure self-care time as a sign that we value our craft.

It's not true that if we loved something we would do it 24/7, my business is digitized and runs in 3 hours a week tops. I am cognizant that online plans do not work for all, but I am to keep my mental health in check prior to expanding and drowning.

Unsurprisingly, lifting weights and resistance training, in particular, provide a specialized avenue for enhancing mental well-being by releasing endorphins and promoting the growth of nerve cells.

Solo self-preservation fitness sessions are my oxygen mask (alone time to recharge outside of all other obligations). This permits me to be present with loved ones and my craft / business. I may have less time for "living" due to the time commitment of managing my disability; however, there is more quality in that time which matters more than quantity. 

I do not play when it comes to my ability to provide for myself and obligations any longer: it depends on consecutive time for health.

A disability is a part-time job. Wish I knew this back then. I would have been as rigid as necessary with the required time carved out had I known. Overall, I would say ADHD medication is similar to a pain killer drug, the underlying issues still need crutches / wheelchairs / ventilators, it's not gone or cured: it's managed to the extent that it will not spiral into anxiety any longer as long as the fitness, nutrition, sleep benchmarks are not out of order.