The Importance of Dietary and Strength Assessments

The Importance of Dietary and Strength Assessments

I am always a little shocked at how rare dietary assessments (existing state of affairs and how the food intake looks, what their metabolic set point is, what calorie range they need which we can tell just by looking at the food) and (critical) strength assessments (before assigning a training plan) are not the norm anymore. These are basic steps before starting a program with any client, otherwise, why bother if you do not even know how much energy they burn at rest and what their current tendencies are?

Not to mention, how dangerous it would be to assign rep ranges without assessing their capabilities first - especially when someone is paying for a customized program. Medical history is as important in exercise science as it is for a dentist or doctor.

Of course, I want a snapshot of your diet before I put you on an exercise or nutrition plan. Why? They go together! Exercise has to match nutrition.

Blanket advice, un-customized principles, and any advice that has not gone into depth with that individual risks being useless and not working long term.

Google can do as good a job as something super surface level!

Customization requires in-depth data collection upfront on the client, their unique biology, and body composition.

There is a difference between weight loss, fat loss, and body re-composition. All types of fat and weight loss also depend on the individual's abilities and biology.

We acquire incredible amounts of detail upfront so that we save time later.