Although there is nothing wrong with pushing yourself, if you stop enjoying your workouts (whatever that looks like for your personal needs and preferences) as much as you usually do and any variation does not make you as happy and becomes a bit irritating and feels like a chore... 99.9% of the time ➡️ a REST DAY is needed. ⬅️

Recovery is part of the game. ✅

I find people who have a high capacity do not see the signs of athletic burnout as easily and do not even feel muscle soreness, which makes the signs of over-tiredness harder to spot.

So what is the test of whether or not you need rest? How irritated are you with the most basic workouts? Does it feel stressful or expansive? I am not saying every workout will be fun, but it should be more fun than not *if* it is something you have loved and enjoyed in the past. Ask me how I know... 

Otherwise, DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) is the best indicator of a need for rest, but not everyone feels this indicator and in that case, just SCHEDULE a tentative rest day ahead of time.

Muscles need rest, but we also forget that sports in general are also a mental game... Mental rest during a walk, yoga, foam rolling... where it is more leisurely still promotes oxygen flow, but far calmer than the usual workout split = you come back STRONGER. 

Rest will not set you back, you will also become even more creative and make better decisions overall.