Fuelled By F***ery

Fuelled By F***ery

Resilience is not just using f***ery to your advantage, pardon my French - but this is my show. Resilience is healing as it happens and holding down your life like a gangster. The Kingdom of Darkness is no match for the savagery of my focus abilities, like sit down demons.

Did they think I was going to play into their hands and allow them to chase me off my square because they'd rather be around other mischievous drunkards with no ambition? 

Handle storms like a gangster and go cry about it later, process your emotions in a specific daily time-slot and understand that demons/dark forces are inescapable. Don't be a victim even if they tried to victimize you on any level, dominate the storm and torch the challenges. 🔥

Keep your eyes on the prize. 

I am not interested in "apologies" from anyone who took control of my phone remotely or sent third-parties my way, you've wasted enough of my time, all I want is for them to not contact me and live a good/healed life where they manage their controlling/ownership-over tendencies.

Resilience is choosing to feel empowered by anything designed to destroy your drive and will power, no one attacks someone who is a nobody going nowhere, so I am flattered.