Why would people who know so little about you have opinions? They see you through their own filters. Keep your perspective flexible in the face of judgement, while also not wasting precious energy explaining yourself.

Be as kind as you can in any situation where possible, but do not worry about managing opinions too much as everyone has their own view of the world and you have every right to live a life full of joy that you look forward to. When you trim yourself down, you lose yourself the fullness of life that you signed up for!

Some people tear down or negatively criticize those who are moving toward their own potential, rather than believe in themselves to be able to do the same.

Living your best life has a risk of scaring some people; however, being confined into their little boxes is not what you signed up for and poses an even bigger risk... living a life that you do not own and pulled in directions that you do not align with to appease ever-changing opinions, which were never in your control to start with.

Stick with the people who respect your authenticity. Not everyone's opinion matters.