Diary Entry: ADHD Reflections

Diary Entry: ADHD Reflections

The most trying times have the best ROI on mental endurance.

We’re weak in some way, we forget to eat, we can’t tolerate notifications too well (it can take up to 20 minutes for us to refocus so we segment our days for when to check/not check messages - we still check stuff - just not as often as others might and that's okay - we need time for focus hours and this makes us more "potent" at our craft if we respect/work with it rather than against it), if something doesn’t get written, it gets lost, but when we hyperfocus - it’s like moving to another dimension how intense it can be, so it’s worth it.

Lessons of the year:

1. Compassion is great, self-compassion also matters.

2. You can be kind, understanding, but still not put your emotional/mental wellness in danger and stay around things that aren't healthy for your particular wiring.

3. Their insecurities aren’t yours to address by dimming your light, their insecurities are not an excuse for them to take those out on you either and you're not defective for landing on a few insecure ones here and there, especially if you're not out here harming others.

4. Be your FULLEST expression, inspire the right ones.

5. Every single aspect that generates work/a task has to be looked at as a whole prior to being triaged, otherwise you are triaging air. Because if you are not accounting for everything, (including meetings) you are missing the point. It all adds up / it has to go on the balance sheet.

Chase DREAMS, not the understanding of the impossible/unwinnable/biased. It’s important to be around the right people, you’ll skyrocket much faster.

The right people “get” you without exhausting explanations and resistance to basic decency as if proper treatment in a business setting was a chore, takers aren’t used to viewing people as equals in a business setting. It irritates them that you have rights and that they have accountabilities. 

I, the feminist/ mental health advocate/ troublemaker, never needed the unwinnable to like me. I just needed them to leave me be. I am not the one who went out of their way to cut someone down who was already bleeding. 

The right people “get” you without exhausting explanations, those who feel like listening to you is a chore (microaggression implying that your voice doesn’t matter), are not your problem/not your people, leave them in 2022. Only people who get you, deserve you.

ADHD is not a self-imposed flimsy limiting belief = you don’t push through it, you respect it and you surround yourself by those who respect it. No nonsense about effort/willingness (or any other insulting discourse that diminishes its validity, keep your boxes: we don't care if we fit them anymore).

I turn everything into DRIVE, regardless. Alphas don’t need the approval of hyenas to exist as they who they are. And for the people who are too weak and lazy to better their own lives, but want to bring you down instead to level the playing field, rise, despite their attempts to sink you.

Succeed in their faces.