We all struggle, regardless of where we are at in life, many of us want more (which is good and normal), but I have been thinking about what stops us from playing even BIGGER. Personally, I have stayed in situations long past their expiry date and delayed my ability to get on a better path due to feeling like I was not ready or good enough.

When I was hired into a management position that I had been wanting for a while, I was wondering about where to start to get done the mandate I was hired for... And I did not know that I had the tools within me. I was wondering about the sanity of the person who had decided to hire me, the challenge was immense. I was told I was partly hired based on past experience in similar roles, but also for my spunky attitude and emotional resilience. Despite that, I still felt scared, so I hatched out a plan and it worked. I have since used the same operational-planning process for my life (from building a daily, weekly, monthly task or project list, a budget, in addition to time-scapes for longer-term goals and automated fitness plans).

I learned to build tools, build myself up, and realized that I am more resourceful than I gave myself credit for in that position, and that I have tricks up my sleeve worthy of sharing with the world, beyond just my staff (which is good, but why not reach more people). I hope this helps you think back at examples in your own life where you were thrown into the fire and forced to be a shark, more resourceful than you thought you ever could be.

In that particular role, I taught others to believe in themselves, as I learned to believe in myself even more. I built a team where most understood personal responsibility, but that would have been impossible had I not been looking after my own development as intensively as I was (and still am).

Having been coached and having coached others through leadership and management positions from a young age (life experience over age, yes I said it), there are some questions I have asked myself and others that were truly helpful... I still ask myself the questions that I am about to share because I still struggle with self-imposed limitations on the daily, but I am getting better at identifying how to move forward from them.

You may be where you want to be in your journey in terms of a checklist of where you wanted to be by a certain age, but you are not sure why you you are not leveling up even more, looking for more clients, expanding your business, going for higher education, competing in higher levels of sport, going to the gym more often, working out more, eating healthier?

Just because your 'mediocre' is someone else's WOW - AMAZING - SUCCESSFUL, if you are not impressing yourself, then it does not matter. If you are not impressing or amazing yourself, do something about it and dig into why you may be hesitant to take action. Period. This can be about fitness or life in general.

Your business revenue may seem amazing to others, but if you want more, what is stopping you? Or what is it that you are allowing to stop you?

Your fitness and health level may be good, but you want more, why are you not going further?

Your relationships may be great, but why are they not better?

Your career may be good, but what do you need to do to take it to a whole other and better level?

Ask yourself:

What do you want?

Are you living by your own rules? If not, why not?

Why do you want what you want? 

What steps will you take daily to get there?

How can you capitalize on your daily circumstances to get you where you want to be?

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