Lessons From Monitoring Spirits

Lessons From Monitoring Spirits

Perhaps refrain from toying with me and I'll have nothing to post about in the first place? It's ironic how individuals attempt to hide their misconduct for nearly a year, yet become upset when you voice your concerns. Perhaps they should consider acting more maturely.

Adults must learn to manage their personal issues around the boundaries of others without making it other people's problem.

PSA: My ring door camera is for catching Amazon package thieves, personal safety, peace of mind. It is *motion activated* (not always recording). Footage is deleted daily unless someone tries to bother/rob me. I'm not interested in what others are doing, I have multiple businesses/ a disability.  

I also think that ring cameras in 2024 are un-common and I'm not the only person who has one in my area. I am most curious about what it is that this is causing a problem if they didn't have anything to hide?

They are not people that you dump your emotional issues and personal needs for favours on automatically (those expectations are unrealistic and inconsiderate), they are people whose safety, security, privacy and personal space that you're going to respect whether you like it or not.

Your home is meant to be your own space. You don't have to let anyone in if you don't want to. I've never had anyone get upset about it; most people just move on. Just because someone's around you doesn't mean they have to be a part of your life especially if you have no logical reason or obligation to deal with them and their patterns set off your instincts.

Issues with the differences of others who mind their business and bother no one is a "them" problem. Instead of focusing on me, they could find hobbies and talents to focus on rather than find fulfillment in distracting, bothering, delaying strangers or taking bites out of my success.

Imagine having so few ambitions in life that you're bothered that a stranger is managing their home time as they choose and that you're not entitled to forcing your way into their private space? I will never be pushed out of my rental before I am ready because a few petty monitoring spirits are mad they aren't entitled to bothering people who do not bother no one and mind their business!

You have the right to refuse unwanted interactions at any time because your personal time is when you're just being yourself (as a person with rights to focus and not be delayed by inconsiderate people) and it's not anyone that's going to impose themselves on, especially if they set off your instincts in a bad way. And true rudeness is demanding the energy of others and disrespecting busy signals, so if we want to go there, we can switch it right back onto them. You're not obligated to have any people in your life that you don't want there either. Proximity does not mean mental availability.

Boundaries are about the person setting them, personalizing it is a choice. We are not to dump that on others.

For the record, I don't know these people, I don't bother no one, but since I treat my home as my sanctuary and I have a door camera (like many others in my building who take personal safety seriously), they team up and lurk around my door, it's super weird. I am not leaving.

I'll make this a news story if that's what it takes for these people to fall back (like they always should have). I don't leave my rentals just because of a pack of haters with too much time on their hands! They're not entitled to taking down others' security/privacy boundaries.

Respecting/giving people personal space and minding one's own business (unless invited not to) are fundamental aspects of social etiquette, dignity, and basic human decency.

My door camera is not going anywhere.

I am not going anywhere (before I am ready).

Please find something better to do than bother people with different boundaries. I don't care what people do, how they live, as long as they don't intrude on my space/belongings.

I deeply value the silent, graceful, kind, genuine passerby who occasionally acknowledges with a wave or an unassuming non-obnoxious nod that doesn't demand the time of those clearly rushing around trying to get through their day and provide for themselves or/and dependents.

Expecting a social club or people to offload your emotional or other needs onto - due to proximity alone - is out of whack and inconsiderate. 🚩🚩🚩

Assuming familiarity or ambushing people feels excessively intrusive in what I regard as my private domain that is "off-limits" time when I already struggle to keep up with the basics, I can't afford uninvited intrusion. Well-meaning intrusion backs off immediately, normally.

It's not about having anxiety about setting boundaries. It's about really not having the time at all and frankly, a quick polite nod should be more than enough because not everybody wants to be friends and that's OK.

Explaining yourself to people who are not reading your body language, and your signs is not going to help you, not every boundary has to be communicated either and sometimes, when you already see people throw tantrums because they could not successfully delay you from rushing about your day that's even more reason to avoid. 

Rely on your initial impression of someone; it's instinctive within us.

Ambushing? Weird! If others fail to interpret your negative body language and you simply wish to avoid certain interactions, the responsibility lies with them. If they disregard your visible signs of stress or busyness, persistently seeking your attention regardless and causing additional stress by intentionally orchestrating encounters that wouldn't naturally occur if they weren't monitoring your schedule, that burden does not fall on you.

Minding my own business, respecting safety, respecting noise levels, respecting personal space, and so on should also make it clear that others should do the same? Intrusive if people clearly feel differently and potentially have too much spare time. Whenever I encounter a "lurker," someone who consistently appears nearby whenever I enter or exit my home, my discomfort radar activates. They seem to perpetually loiter without any discernible activity.

Unless there's a need for an ambulance, I really like to keep to myself when I'm home. I'm not there to make friends. I'm very sorry. I manage multiple jobs, a fundraiser, and a severe disability. 

I prefer maintaining a protective "bubble" around my residence to prevent unanticipated interruptions from strangers. Dealing with significant concentration challenges already makes simple tasks like taking out the trash or collecting the mail difficult; the thought of having to engage beyond a simple nod during designated *relaxation* would be overwhelming for me as it is pressing on an already insane schedule that is already at a near-breaking point.

Believing you have the authority to determine who can peacefully leave an area simply because they choose not to be part of your group is an exaggerated sense of entitlement. This is not what individuals agreed to in their lease agreement. Additionally, openly disclosed safety cameras are allowed when they monitor public spaces. 💯

My residence is my sanctuary, a place where I unwind and find peace. I prefer not to have uninvited individuals knocking on my door who are not close friends or family. It's intrusive to expect personal information or to insert oneself into someone's life without understanding their circumstances. It's best to respect disinterest and move on, as coercion often comes with an agenda.

Keeping to myself in my own private space is how I mentally recharge, it's not about having a shell, it's about having a disability. I'd love to see how those bothered run multiple lanes and an exercise routine to top it off. I would love to see it!

Retaliating against boundaries is a sign of an agenda! ⛔️

Getting overly emotional and upset because a *stranger* can't give you attention on-demand when you're ambushing them or delaying them (inconsiderate of the stress levels of others) is strange to me. As long as they're respectful of safety and space, let them be. It's not their duty to entertain you, especially if they have other responsibilities.

To the right people: you don't have to explain that you don't have bandwidth left for things that are not necessary to your survival or from your immediate household when you have a disability and multiple obligations already.

Bothering people who don't bother anyone or straight up delaying them and being mad because they're not available to have their busy and productive days delayed so inconsiderately or unavailable or uninterested to connect?

Retaliating against boundaries different than theirs because they're hurt and cannot handle rejection like adults? Mad because you protect your private sanctuary from un-necessary interruptions due to a focus-related disability? People who don't pay your bills aren't qualified to manage your time for you. 

A fundamental principle involves refraining from taking delivery or building notices from mailboxes, avoiding causing delays in people's days, respecting their boundaries when they indicate disinterest in friendship, and demonstrating basic respect for noise levels, personal space, and safety. Failure to adhere to these basic considerations and pushing for further connections (while missing the basics) raises a red flag. 💯

Suggesting that all people are simply agreeable and can be resolved through conversation is simplistic. Many individuals deal with difficult people, and attempting to engage in dialogue often leads to confrontation and temper tantrums (which is best avoided).

Some individuals may seek to confront you as a group to impart a lesson of sorts, but the true takeaway is recognizing the importance of not imposing oneself or unwanted social connections on others. It's about respecting boundaries, acknowledging personal space, and refraining from prying into others' lives for NO reason and without an invitation.

While a simple nod suffices in most cases, some individuals may overstep boundaries by delving too deeply into my affairs or make demands on my time when clearly occupied, which I'm not obliged to share.

The essence of the lesson lies in humbling one's ego and understanding that proximity doesn't necessitate mental availability. If one doesn't juggle multiple responsibilities like multiple jobs, they shouldn't impede those who do.

🚩🚩🚩No one has the right to disrupt or bulldoze strangers' lives simply due to a sense of entitlement, as personal connections are only valid with mutual consent.🚩🚩🚩

Most adults just MOVE ON! To try to corner people and force themselves into their life is just inappropriate to me. We have *no* business being connected on a deeper level, there is no basis or commonality truly and so the level of coercion (underhandedly) really stood out as contrived and orchestrated.

Mad that visibly hurried people don't stop for people who rudely try to insert themselves into their day and distract them and make demands on their time? 🧐 Imagine feeling superior to the obligations and punctuality of a stranger, bringing stress to their life, and then taking out your offense on them as a gang or group because they have things to do and you do not and you thought they should delay themselves to cater to you?

Do not be mad because someone spoke up about something, be mad at yourself for giving them something to speak up about.

It's possible to be at peace and want nothing to do with them after seeing what they're capable of even as strangers. Bullets dodged for trusting my gut because if they need control over others who are simply minding their business, we are not aligned.

Trust your intuition when it comes to avoiding people you have no business being around. Like there's really no logical reason. 💯

✨ Find a way to manage your mind in ensuring that it affects you in the least possible degree because these people are so subtle that because it's hard to prove, you're going to be the one that looks crazy if you say anything. Or if you say anything prematurely, they will find a way to irritate you even from a distance. ✨

Lessons From Monitoring Spirits:

Mistreatment is infringement of rights, boundaries are quite normal.

I don't explain how I protect my severe disability's insomnia oxygen mask "crash day" to my own friends, so how I protect my private sanctuary or gym (aka consecutive un-interrupted focus un-broken) isn't something that pure strangers need to comprehend in order to respect.

Anyone who throws a tantrum because they didn't get what they wanted from you or starts a retaliation campaign laced with mischief that they outsourced to their cronies was not just trying to be nice, they had an agenda. 🚩🚩🚩

While a nod/smile will suffice for most which is kind but also not compromising personal boundaries and gracefully unassuming rather than intrusive and obnoxious, imagine feeling entitled to the time of strangers and imposing yourself on them like they're obligated to forced and ambushing (agenda-laden) connections (who cry wolf when they did not successfully delay you and showed inconsideration for your time when struggling to get to and from places on time) when there's no real basis for it? It's clearly self-evident when people have an agenda as they stand out among others who mind their own business and do not force others to share personal information or try to intimidate people into inorganic connections that are not wanted by both parties.

I'd be deeply troubled if a stranger felt entitled to intrude on your time at home, your personal refuge where you recharge or work diligently, especially considering your disability. Your home is ***your*** domain, and you have every right to refuse interruptions from outside your immediate household and bask in the peace of not having housemates, particularly when the building isn't on fire or something legitimately worth breaking your mental focus and electrical ADHD circuit over aka mental wheelchair under accommodations for your severe disability which they do not need to know about in order to respect. People who feel entitled to your time and energy, especially without understanding your circumstances, are best avoided. They may seem apologetic, but they're quick to twist your words and undermine your boundaries. It's crucial to prioritize self-protection and maintain distance from such individuals.

Intuition isn't paranoia, it's just basic instincts... Why would anyone watch your schedule and he super pushy unless they wanted to break down your guard for a reason? I would never open myself up to such impositions or disrespect my instincts to impress the inconsiderate, obnoxious, and entitled without regard for visible rushing and the fact that life is stressful enough so if all they're looking to do is take or make demands... I'd find willing participants as giving people their privacy and space is much more aligned with common sense.

Defying acceptable norms doesn't get you consideration in return... It gets you rightful self-preservation on my part from risking further intrusion. Believing you have the right as a stranger to disrupt people in their own home is utterly absurd and nonsensical.

Appeasing them is not on my list of life goals or responsibilities!

You cannot anticipate those living nearby to serve as your source of entertainment, especially when they are juggling multiple jobs and dealing with disabilities.

Genuine people are going to respect that this is time that is entirely off-limits for anything that is not a real genuine 911 issue and they're going to leave you alone the first time. They are not going to go out of their way to bother or pester you or try to break down your guard. They will respect the conditions to your ongoing health and survival as nonnegotiable, and then you will never find them recruiting cronies to indirectly try to punish your boundaries because you are different than them, they won't treat it like a grooming house when that's clearly not what you signed up for either. You will never find them trying to impose any level of unwanted and self-serving emotional intimacy. 

I find it strange that I was possibly being singled out, considering the multitude of other people available for them to entertain themselves with. It's puzzling why they would seemingly obsessively keep tabs on me for nearly a year.

🛡️Proximity doesn't mean automatic trust or trustworthiness (nope, no, nah), ethical character (no gossip), or good intent without agendas.🛡️

Losing full work days of productivity due to being unable to refocus because a stranger feels entitled to you home sanctuary space/time when everyone else minds their business? 😱 Excuse me? No one is entitled to knowing your health issues in order to respect expected space as that's dignity and consideration. Entitled people are too much trouble form the jump.

Those who are very demanding, imposing, and domineering are usually the ones who are filled with agendas, and various intentions that may not be mutually respectful. They would back off much more easily if they didn't have an agenda, which tells you that they are not genuine, and that if you allow these kinds of people in your life, you're in for wild ride in the worst possible way. They already show signs of entitlement towards a strangers, can you imagine how that would go if you allowed it to get further? 

There has to be a reason why they were so aggressive.

People who ambush you often have an agenda because they aim to catch you off guard, exploiting the element of surprise to advance their own interests or goals. This approach can be indicative of ulterior motives or hidden intentions, often seeking to manipulate or take advantage of you in some way. Similarly, individuals who aggressively try to establish unnecessary connections may also have underlying motives. Whether it's seeking validation, exerting control, or exploiting vulnerabilities, their persistent efforts to force connections beyond what's reasonable can be a tactic to manipulate and exploit your trust for their own gain. Vigilance and discernment are crucial in navigating such interactions to protect oneself from potential nonsense.

It's going to be very difficult to toy someone in their own home space when they're on a disability accommodation but please keep digging yourselves a hole if you wish to express unfounded entitlement to strangers' lives and energy (delaying people and causing distraction to already stressful lives is rude and condescending and inconsiderate). 

Self-protection, with or without an imminent threat, is your right and you revealing private health condition, lifestyle, and personal obligation details is not a requirement to have your private sanctuary respected as such by people from outside your immediate circle/household. ⛔️

It's ridiculous to not be able to count on your private time to be un-interrupted by anyone outside your household with ADHD? If it's not a fire or a need for an ambulance, truly, respect personal space and personal peace.

I am sorry if they are not busy, but some people are.

Lack of respect for boundaries lacks empathy, the existence of boundaries is a basic right. Steamrolling people already this early on signals more issues later. I do not deal with anyone who sets off my instincts.

Respect that people have their own prior obligations, it's that simple.

Proximity is not an entitlement to automatic familiarity, I trust my instincts.

The basics of respecting people's time and not causing people delays who are visibly rushing are innate and I do not explain myself to entitled and inconsiderate people, silence is the best response to bulldozers. If they're already causing distraction, that's not going anywhere with me, they need to leave me alone.


A boundary is not bullying, unless they planned on crossing you without any stopping point?

When someone feels insulted, offended, or targeted by a boundary, it often indicates that they were attempting to violate that boundary in the first place. Their negative reaction stems from the realization that their actions were not accepted or tolerated.

It's not about whether they will stop bothering you, it's about your right to parameters and general safety measures... And you don't even have to trust them in the first place to stop it's - not even about them.

It's about your right to general safety measures, and if they choose to personalize those, then they have to look in the mirror and ask themselves why they feel that it is targeted at them, perhaps they were trying to intrude further? Exposed.

People have the right to want to be left alone and unbothered and you don't have to know anything about their life or schedule to respect that, especially if you're not their roommate, or housemate or part of their household. Those who want to know too much about others tend to have control issues anyway.

When someone intrudes on your personal space despite your discomfort, lack of mental bandwidth, or clear disinterest, it's them disregarding your boundaries, which can be considered a form of control issues. 🚩

Manipulation tactics include portraying oneself as a victim to evade accountability and using intimidation tactics such as covert threats to make victims retract their boundaries. Clear boundaries are crucial for self-respect and preservation, regardless of whether the bully-like behavior ceases. It's essential to reject tolerance of manipulation; not everyone will comply silently.

There is nothing to work around if you simply don't have time for something or someone (imagine respecting that people have their own lives and do not owe you spending energy they do not have at the expense of survival-based categories and their goals in life which you're not to interrupt), and if you don't have time for it, it wasn't meant to be.

That's just part of life.

I am not the solution to their needs, desires, or wants at my own expense, there is no logical reason at all for me to reveal my personal information. 

What I do online is entirely a separate issue/job.

It's never acceptable to act entitled to someone else's *safe* and *private* home space. 

I am not their pseudo-companion or solution to their issues, I did *not* sign up for that. I wouldn't be surprised if the chief mischief-doers have no work to do because why else would they have that kind of time?

People who try to "center" themselves in the lives of others who actually don't owe them anything beyond what the connection (if any) entails are the ones with the problem.

People who actually care about you will never try to override your free will because they actually respect that you have autonomy over what belongs to you or what is under your jurisdiction.

Control is not care, it's about dominance, and it's not acceptable if you're not their child.

Boundaries are self-protective, hatred is divisive. There's a massive difference between those concepts.

Control is intrusive and disregards personal autonomy/basic privacy, genuine care has no entitlement issues and encourages wellness and autonomy over what is of your concern and jurisdiction. For me, having to explain this is an automatic red flag. Careful what you let into you life, ensure it's not pollution.

The non-negotiable boundaries around your limited time to recharge must be guarded and the right people will never push against them just to get something off of you or try to use you to fill their needs when they're not even from your household.   

The most basic tenet of personal freedom, autonomy, and dignity is free choice over who we allow into our lives. Personalizing someone else's limits on time, energy, and so on is wild because that's forcing people to defend their ownership over what is under personal property and jurisdiction.

Owning what belongs to you is not selfish, it's literally just the truth: you own your time and energy wherever you are as you are still an individual with basic freedoms at the end of the day and nobody has a right to bulldoze you like prey. 

Living in a sorority-type house during University with non-stop interruptions (impossible to refocus with ADHD) was one of the most horrific experiences of my life, for the same reason I do not tolerate roommates, I don't need anyone in my business uninvited.  

Confrontation results in excuses; avoid.

These people have no business trying to bulldoze their way into my life over a repeated period of time where it seems like my schedule was being monitored. 

What I share online is much different than how much of myself I'm going to share in my daily life to people not in my circle. My private daily life is not public space, it is private because I have been the victim of identity theft, and other things. My personal life is by invitation only.

A high-level of insistence, regardless of the reasons behind it shows that there was an agenda.

Being personally monitored by strangers without your consent is creepy and intrusive for several reasons (this is different from general safety cameras in public spaces, I am talking people really paying you some excessive unwanted attention):

1. Lack of consent: Monitoring without consent violates your privacy and autonomy. It's unsettling to know that someone is observing you without your permission.

2. Unknown intentions: Since you don't know these strangers, you can't predict their motives or what they might do with the information they gather about you. This uncertainty can be unsettling and even threatening.

3. Unwanted attention: The attention from strangers, especially when you have no interest in forming a relationship with them, feels intrusive and inappropriate. You have the right to control who has access to information about you.

4. Limited time and energy: Balancing multiple jobs and dealing with a disability already demands a lot of your time and energy. Dealing with the added stress of being monitored by strangers only adds to your burden and can exacerbate your disability-related needs for quiet time.

There is no basis for unwanted closeness here, none. 

Forcing unwanted social encounters, especially in secluded settings or with strangers, can be predatory for several reasons:

1. Violation of Personal Boundaries: Everyone has the right to control their social interactions and feel safe in their environment. Forcing encounters disregards this autonomy.

2. Possible Potential for Harm: Engaging with unknown individuals, particularly in isolated areas or at odd hours, can pose risks to personal safety and well-being.

3. Possibly Manipulative Intentions: Perpetrators may have ulterior motives such as manipulation, harassment, or exploitation, making it crucial to approach such encounters with caution.

4. Impact on Mental Health: Unwanted social encounters can cause significant distress, anxiety, and trauma, particularly if the individual feels powerless or unable to escape the situation.

5. Optics: Normalization of Predatory Behavior: Ignoring or downplaying such encounters can contribute to a culture where predatory behavior is normalized or excused, perpetuating harm.

Protecting oneself from such encounters is essential, and individuals have every right to prioritize their safety and well-being in such situations. Again, these are not even people you know, so what business do they have doing that? 

Overfamiliarity without consent violates personal space and dignity, rejecting unwanted connections masquerading as care.

Overall, being monitored by unknown individuals (despite changing your schedule 25 times) against your will disrupts your sense of safety, privacy, and personal boundaries, making it a deeply unsettling and inappropriate experience.

Since June 2023, they've monitored me without consent to push me into unwanted social connections (even after changing my schedule multiple times, they would pop out at the same time as me and some would seemingly wait for my arrival without my prior invitation, it's intrusive as genuinely friendly people are not imposing nor do they ambush and try to wear down your guard over a sustained and long period of time). They should respect my personal safety measures. If they're triggered by my boundaries, it's their issue, not mine.

Respecting/giving people personal space and minding one's own business (unless invited not to) are fundamental aspects of social etiquette, dignity, and basic human decency.

Genuine people will encourage your wellness and safety measures. They won't try to make your time, energy, and oxygen mask about them or center themselves in your life.

They're going to be happy that you feel more safe and secure. 

I don't play when it comes to my personal space and safety. 

Some have the audacity to intrude, assume, and demand, while relentlessly pushing for compliance by trying to break down your guard. Those seeking your time or energy aren't concerned about offending you, so why worry about offending them by asserting your right to live in peace and saying no?

Especially in my private sanctuary with a severe *focus* related disability:

ADHD cannot recover from needless interruptions, period, so why would anything except life-threatening emergencies or dependents qualify? We *cannot* recover from interrupted focus which is what our mental wheelchair is for. This information should not be required for this to be respected and to stop unwanted overfamiliarity. We do not need more added stress and time wasters when providing for ourselves (by choice) with a disability is already difficult, it should not be necessary to spell this out.

Our focus circuit does not reconnect once broken. This is why we protect it with such intensity. That's the mental wheelchair of ADHD.

People with multiple jobs are not just sitting at home picking their noses, they're actually working. It is not appropriate to feel that you're more important than someone's ability to work with disabilities, and provide with themselves without needless interruptions that don't even come from their own household! We have enough issues to focus on and to focus back from the existing interruptions in our lives that we don't need more stress or demands.

Most strangers understand that they're not the center of the world of people that they don't even know. 

Home is your time to recharge, not to spend non-existent energy or entertain people because you’re not a circus clown. Mental shut off time! 💯

***If they're looking for convenient companions or favour-doers, you're simply not a fit for that and they really need to accept it and kindly move on.***

Being intrusive involves overstepping boundaries and invading someone's personal privacy (not the same as general safety) without their consent, which can make them uncomfortable or even feel violated.

Merely residing next to someone doesn't guarantee they'll become your closest companion.

Some individuals prefer privacy and maintain separate social circles. 

Tolerating their unwanted intrusion and ambushes is not your responsibility.

A boundary does not have to be understood in order to be respected the first time.

Nobody needs to understand what it's like to be rushing from one place to the next and trying to be on time, and balancing multiple obligations in order to just respect people's time, and not get in their way for no reason when you clearly see them rushing, I don't understand. That's not care, it's imposition.

Proximity should mean you're able to feel safe and secure (which is the absence of un-invited nosiness and the imposition of unwanted social connections), but that doesn't mean sticking your nose in other people's business or *demanding* or imposing closer connections than they're comfortable with (or demanding their personal information or time) as proximity isn't entitlement to their time, it is mutual safety and non-infringement and non-intrusion.

✨Ensuring mutual safety, respect for noise levels, giving people their personal space and peace is basic decency, not dependent on acquaintanceship or knowing anything about a person (it's not mandatory at all, and in my situation, is is unwanted).✨

Demanding personal information or intrusion into private lives, especially at home, doesn't make sense.


The concept of being 100% unavailable (not having time, while also respecting space, mutual safety, and noise levels) will never generate a negative reaction by someone who respects you. It may only taken negatively by people who may have had an agenda the whole time (hence the persistence).

I have never understood taking the time and energetic limits of others personally. 

Having boundaries is not mean or rude, but disrespecting those boundaries is what constitutes inconsideration. 


As for the dog leash door slashing and other perpetrators of mischief, I hope they can find other forms of entertainment.

If you're not my roommate, or from my household, and you're someone I do not know: what business do you have knowing my comings and goings that closely or seemingly waiting for my arrival when no one else was around in the hallway at night despite my changing my schedule quite often? Why so nosey and meddlesome?

Throwing a tantrum because I chose not to delay myself and respect my own schedule by not engaging when they wanted to ambush me upon seemingly awaiting my arrival - at night - without prior invitation to do so? If they did this to other people too, that's crazy, but at the same time, observing my schedule that closely is very creepy! 

I also found it odd that some building notices that went missing from the mailroom in addition to some of my delivery slips... 

I am glad they have a camera in the mail room now because now our friendly little thief will be able to steal building notices from mailboxes as a way to force people to mingle with him and his little crew despite the fact that certain people see right through them.

For the rest, I expect to be able to go about my laundry and errands without being personally monitored or delayed. This is ridiculous and un-necessarily disruptive to basic peace and personal space!

You should be able to focus in peace and quiet and your own home and you shouldn't be worried about unwanted intrusion at all when it is a sanctuary and should not be a source of unwanted stress and pressure tactics. 🚩

I did not sign up for a frat house or a rooming house. I rent an individual unit!

It's worrisome to believe you can control the schedules of complete strangers, and then attempt to persistently pressure or retaliate in an underhanded manner to insert yourself into their lives, despite them not owing you any personal information and potentially feeling uncomfortable with unwanted social interactions.


Home should be like a cozy retreat, where peace, quiet, and privacy are cherished (genuine "care" respects time, wellness, and boundaries). Impositions are fake care designed to exploit. 🧐

By keeping our home a safe haven from unnecessary disturbances, we can create a space where we can truly unwind, spend time with loved ones, and feel at ease. So let's preserve the peace and serenity of our home, making it a place where we can always find comfort and solace.

As much as I share parts of my life on social media, I do have high privacy requirements in my day-to-day life, and that's just about my own protection. Others may too if they had their identity stolen and social media accounts hacked. I simply prefer to keep to myself in my home space. 💯

Expecting automatic familiarity and attempting to assimilate you into their "family" dynamic can be unsettling because it often signifies an attempt to breach your boundaries and exploit your vulnerabilities by forcing it a little too much. It's essential to recognize that you have the right to choose your associations as an independent individual, and anyone who disregards this autonomy likely has ulterior motives.

Genuine care entails respecting boundaries (dignity and human free will) and understanding that personal time is sacred and limited (your actual obligations come first as an adult with responsibilities and work to do), especially for someone managing multiple jobs or dealing with a disability.

Those who genuinely care for others' humanity will back off without retaliation when confronted with these boundaries. 🚩🚩🚩

Truly I wish them well, but I do not want them in my business or all up in my space: this is designated *quiet* time, if our needs are different, they can find others similar to them: it's that simple. They should seek others to meet their needs and stop putting that needless burden and pressure on people who are not available because proximity is not a factor to obligated unwanted social relationships.

I do not allow anyone to disrupt my life twice.

I do not explain or argue against foolishness, a graceful, peaceful, and neutral distance is key.

I do not stay silent about any level of underhanded havoc wreaked on my home life for almost a year, my silence is likely out of their budget. Karmic forces will handle them. I can forgive and also want absolutely nothing to do with them.

Guarding your heart is crucial in navigating relationships and protecting your well-being. It's essential not to let just anybody into your life, particularly if someone is pressuring you to do so. 

I am worth more than dealing with people who would do this in the first place (retaliation to boundaries different than theirs). I don't tolerate this level of distraction. 

Respecting others' autonomy means recognizing that individuals are in charge of their own homes and have the right to decide who they allow into their personal space and how they spend their time.

You can wish them well and hope that they find peace and what they are looking for in other people, but you are not a fit for them, there's nothing more to it.

How can you try to play God or act like the boss of other people's busy day, time, energy, and home space of all things? That's not friendly: it's a controlling and sneaky tactic! 

To feel entitled to anyone's intimate sphere is a clear indication of people I have no business engaging with on any level (and we have nothing in common logically), but I wish them well. They can keep their pettiness and impositions to themselves and do some soul-searching and engage in a healthy hobby.

Engaging in debates with fools is pointless; focus on pursuing your goals and disregard distractions and unethical individuals whenever possible.

Anyone who expects you to live without boundaries is clearly not looking for genuine connections, they are looking for a toy or a puppet and that is scary.

They don't want people in the equation to have actual needs and standards, they want people who are easy to use and abuse, so that they can do whatever they want with impunity. You should see the fits and tantrums they throw (or retaliation campaigns which show that they do know what they're doing) when they realize that you have a healthy self-esteem and actual self-respect, they freak out completely.

They are so mad that they couldn't impose their will on you!

They don't like the fact that you didn't allow yourself to be ambushed/preyed upon on any level, they don't like the fact that you don't have time for their manipulation and that you saw right through them because everyone else minded their business when they're the only ones who didn't so they must want something from you and you were very accurate in your suspicions.

Their attitude made it seem like they were entitled to your time on demand regardless of whether or not it was distracting your day and slowing you down because you have actual things to do in your life. 

Inconsiderate people get neutrality, not kindness. When you assertively say no to people and refuse to bend to their desires, you reveal their true character and colors. 🧿

Surrounding yourself with those who respect your autonomy (dignified choice is the basis of humanity and having a mind of your own and free will) and value your consent fosters healthier connections and protects you from potential harm or exploitation.

Choosing to stay away from individuals who seek to control others is not only self-preserving but also essential for maintaining personal integrity and emotional well-being.

I would never let a controlling, belligerent, and bulldozing stranger in my life, let alone *my* private sanctuary.

Cutting people off is often a necessary act of self-preservation and boundary-setting. It's not about harboring ill feelings or starting conflicts, but rather maintaining inner peace and prioritizing personal well-being.

And in the event that these monitoring spirits were sent by someone, please screen people better! But then again, how can you be a good judge of character when you lack ethics yourself?

There's no way for me to safely interact with someone who gives off strange and instinctually off vibes. It's best to avoid such individuals altogether.

Respecting shared space and privacy is paramount; demanding to intrude on strangers' lives, especially when they're busy, is both inconsiderate and disrespectful of their time. I don't owe my time to people who can't respect safety, privacy, or noise levels but feel entitled to pry into others' personal lives or intrude/demand to learn about them when they're not comfortable sharing private information IRL (no matter what they do online).

You simply don't need to have dealings or engage with certain people who don't align with your journey. It's really that simple. There is simply no logical basis for it at this point. And there never was.

Peacefully maintaining my distance.