What Is Being Yourself?

What Is Being Yourself?

By not shutting down essential parts of yourself to please the wrong people.

All you need to do sometimes is stand out and simply be / live / function differently in order to unleash the wrath of some. You don’t need to change the core of who you are to fit into their agreement with reality. Mitigate your flaws, but your purpose is your birthright.

People who are confident within themselves do not feel threatened by you, you are not responsible for the emotional states of others.

If you are operating in integrity and doing no harm, remove the concept of trimming yourself down as a soother for people with opinions.

Sometimes it is your energy, sometimes it is your mere existence... You can never trim yourself down enough for the wrong people.

You cannot win the un-winnable. ‪You will only be a threat to the wrong people for you. The right ones will love you.

The people who hate on you for eating right and not having as many cheat meals as they do, for instance, had insecurities long before you came along! Dance to the beat of your own drum.

You cannot control other people's filters. If you trim your gifts to the world and your IMPACT if you try to shut yourself down, or try to slow down if you are a driven person. MANY people can benefit from your inspiration and talents, whatever those may be.

It appears easier for locusts to drag you down to their level,  attempt to make you lazy/incapacitated, than to be inspired by you. They want you to do less so they can feel better. DO MORE. SHINE. RISE.

Mitigate your flaws and be your best version, but you're not the hater-whisperer and so it isn't your responsibility to trim who you are to make anyone like you. Some want to self-validate by trying to control your choices, that's not a match for your free will and self-authority over your life which belongs to you. Be you. Live your life.

Job 5:12

"He thwarts the plans of the crafty, so that their hands achieve no success."

If they focused on their own lives, they would get further. It's a shame.

You getting after it, eating well, taking selfies, living your life is a reminder for those who aren’t taking care of themselves that they’re not getting after it and some rather dim your light than use it as motivation, that’s not a reason for you to stop.


Where’s the logic of the justification of inflicting suffering on those willing to do the work by those reluctant to do so who feel entitled to the results somehow? There is no logic here!

Loving yourself means the status of your significance in your own eyes is not in comparison or competition with others and your worth doesn’t lower by how someone else treats you, it’s from within.

Watching someone else’s every move like a hawk prevents them from building their own gardens, and then they will wonder later why they have simply harvested nothing but weeds because they were not minding their own business this whole time.

When you know yourself, you do not internalize/absorb everyone else’s disempowering/inauthentic ideas of who you “should” be and what you “should” do with your life and business. Your core values are your guide posts, not them. They can go beg for help to people they did not rip into in the past perhaps, as forgiveness doesn't forgo safety...

Continue to be YOU, they can handle their own insecurities and be more resilient about the areas of their self-esteem that are so easily triggered by people who function/live differently (not illegally, not harming anyone, just differently enough to trigger ignorance).

Be you.